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Galveston Weddings: My Journey to Falling in Love with Galveston!

Repost from July 16, 2013: Taken from our original Marry in Galveston Blog

While the concept of this website has evolved to Galveston Elopements, my love for Galveston remains.

Galveston Weddings. Yes, please!

Galveston weddings are so very special to me! In fact, Galveston has always held a special place in my heart.

Love at First Sight

Thinking back to my youth, my family and I would take annual summer-long Galveston Island vacations. I can recall riding in the backseat of my aunt and uncle’s yellow Bonneville we nicknamed the yellow banana, simply priceless! Windows rolled down and the tropical breeze blowing through the interior of the car added to my excitement. The journey through High Island always included me gazing at rows upon rows of beach houses and dreaming of life on the Gulf Coast. Seeing “the lighthouse,” which I now know to be the Bolivar Point Light Station, only added to my musing. My childlike imagination would dream of living in the white house on the property as we screamed, “Look! The lighthouse where the movie was made!” Family drive stories always included the reference to “the movie lighthouse.” I didn’t mind the repeat stories one bit. The lighthouse was also my landmark visual that we’d soon board the ferry to Galveston. Once on the island, my feelings were always the same, pure awe! The drive down Broadway, my head hanging out of the window (enjoying the gulf breeze), and marveling at the beautiful Galveston mansions were so exciting. My wonder and imagination made this peaceful drive so very entertaining.

Galveston Weddings | You’ll love it too!

As an adult, my excitement for Galveston Island’s history, culture, and charm has only intensified. Elements of Galveston speaks total romance. Who doesn’t love beaches? Gulf Coast beaches are special, but it’s so much more than the thirty-two miles of Gulf Coast beaches.

You may come across the term BOI (born on the island). Galveston-born residents are very proud of their island and they should be! Sometimes familiarity can create a blinder to details that fresh eyes see. Coming from someone NBOI (not born on the island), Marry in Galveston was created to highlight everything I love about Galveston and to guide destination wedding couples through the planning process of their Galveston weddings.

Welcome to Marry in Galveston!

Small talk, the best Galveston wedding vendors,  real Galveston weddings, and uniquely beautiful Galveston details are some of the things we’re excited to share with you.

We also want to hear from you. There’s so much to get to know and love about the island. Tell us what you love about Galveston in the comments section below! 

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