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Galveston Coffee Shop: Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream Tour

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Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream Tour | A Galveston Coffee Shop Off the Beaten Path

Galveston has several coffee shops, including three of our big named mermaid friends. For those of you that appreciate a good cup of coffee and serene settings, Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream is a must for your Galveston coffee shop stops!

Sugar Bean | Galveston Coffee Shop

Come along! Take a quick stroll across the bridge and visit Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream with us.

Galveston Coffee Shop

Nestled in the Evia Community,  located just behind the Moody Garden’s Golf Course, sits a charming little coffee shop where the aroma of the arabica coffee beans is sweet and the taste of the coffee is smooth. Welcome to sweet little Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream!

Outside Seating Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream Galveston

The left exterior of the shop offers visually appealing outdoor seating. The rich tropical colors are somewhat expected in coastal living. The seating here blends to naturally set the tone for this off the beaten path Galveston coffee shop.

Interior of Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream Galveston

Once inside, there’s a natural sense of coastal relaxation. The bar has a homely feel, displaying coffee shop product mixed with home decor elements.

Galveston Coffee Shop | Iced Sugar Cookie

Isn’t this iced sugar cookie super cute?! In addition to the expected brewed, espresso, iced and blended coffees, Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream also offers teas, ice cream and gelato. For the adult crowd, they offer a selection of beer, wine and champagne.

Interior seating of Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream

Pull up a window seat at this cute little table or grab a seat on the couch in front of the television. Either way, you’ll enjoy the comfort and the aura of this coffee shop.

Hey Sugar | Galveston Coffee Shop

Here’s a close up of this adorable little coffee mug. “Hey, sugar” seems to be the theme around the shop, as this coined little phrase is found throughout. Cute! Right?

Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream

By this time, I’m ready to give in due to Galveston’s August heat! My beverage of choice was an iced vanilla soy latte. Ahhhh!!! So refreshing and smooth…

Play area at Sugar Bean Galveston

Getting back to our tour, the little ones in your life will enjoy practicing their barista skills here!

Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream Galveston | Private Meeting Space

Coffee shops are known for meet and greets. Sugar Bean offers this wonderful private space that’s available by reservation.

Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream Gazebo

If you would prefer to sit outdoors or take a stroll, Sugar Bean has this beautiful gazebo and seating throughout the lawn.

Evia Home for Sale

After your visit to Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream, you just may not want to go home. That’s okay, this beauty is for sale!  If you buy it, I’m free for coffee. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed our tour of this lovely coffee shop.  Be sure to add Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream to your Galveston coffee shop bucket list. You’ll be so happy you did!

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