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Get to know Galveston Island | Galveston Texas Wedding Destination

Galveston Texas Wedding Destination

Your memories will linger on, long after your footprints in the sand are gone

Get to know the beautiful Galveston Texas wedding destination. What began as a city of firsts, Galveston has emerged as a city of charm, history and romance for your Galveston Texas wedding destination.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, Galveston became one of the nations busiest ports and the world largest export of cotton. With Galveston completely thriving, it was then the largest city in the state. Our deadliest national disaster, the 1900 Storm, caused Galveston to step back and rebuild the city.

Galveston graced us as a major tourism destination that focused on casino and like business revenue in the 20’s and 30’s. In this era, Galveston was known as the sin city of the Gulf and also at the time the famous Balinese Room flourished.  However, illegal businesses were forced to close in the 50’s. Again, Galveston’s economic status was stagnated. While many businesses were forced to move business off the island, some insurances and the medical schools remained and continue to be a valued part of today’s Galveston economy.

It’s clear that through all of the devastation and economic ups and downs, Galveston never lost its charm, heart and history, all of which are the center of Galveston’s romance market. Rich with history and surrounded by indestructible buildings that all have a story, Galveston Texas wedding destination is filled with potential for you to create your very own memories. This guide will help you create your own memories, your own little piece of Galveston history, as you too fall in love with all that Galveston has to offer. Let’s Marry in Galveston!

Some of Galveston’s First in Texas

Post Office
Insurance Company
Gas Lights
Opera House
Electric Lights
Nursing School
Medical School
Bubba Gump Shrimp