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Galveston Marriage License Requirements


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Before getting married in Galveston, you must have a marriage license issued by any county within the state of  Texas.  If you are not able to obtain your Texas based marriage license or simply desire a Galveston County Marriage License, this page will give you a look at Galveston Marriage License Requirements and help you seamlessly obtain your Galveston County Marriage License from the Galveston County Clerk’s Office.


Galveston County Marriage License Requirements

Although you may use a marriage license from any County within the state of Texas, many couples love the idea of having a Galveston County Marriage License to document their Galveston wedding. Use the tabs below to review our Galveston Marriage License Requirements.


Download Galveston Marriage License Requirements

Marriage License Fee

  • $81USD Fee
  • Payable in cash
  • Debit or Credit Card (Master Card, Visa or Discover Card ONLY)

The state $60USD marriage license fee may be waived by attending a state approved premarital education class. Visit Together in Texas for details.

Age Requirements

Persons marrying in Galveston and the state of Texas must be eighteen years of age or older to marry without consent of a parent.

See Galveston County Clerk’s Website for more for details on age requirements.

Application Requirements

Both applicants must appear in person to apply for a Galveston County Marriage License.

Exception: A portion of the application process may be completed by filing an Absentee Affidavit. You must call Galveston County Clerk for details on the filing process — (409-766-2207).

Identification Requirements

Acceptable forms of identification:

Ages 18 years or Older:

  • Original or certified copy of birth certificate
  • Valid drivers license
  • Military identification
  • Department of Public Safety issued identification
  • Valid Passport
  • Any valid state issued identification

NOTE: Acceptability of identifying documents determined by county level. Non-certified copies and expired documents will not be accepted.

Ages 15 to 17:

  • A certified copy of applicant’s birth certificate.
  • The parent, managing conservator or legal guardian must also present identification and
    document confirming proof of custody or guardianship or conservatorship.
  • Social Security Number (SSN) required for both applicants.

Waiting and Usage Period

  • Your must wait seventy-two hours (72 hrs) before using your marriage license*
  • Your marriage license must be used by ninety (90) days after issue date
  • Your marriage license may be used in any county within the state of Texas
* Couples who have completed a qualified premarital class will have the waiting period waived. Active military applicant(s) is exempt from the waiting period. Only a County Court Law Judge or District Judge can waive this requirement.

Waiving Waiting Period

To obtain a waiver of the seventy-two (72) hours waiting period:

Applicants that are of active military duty are exempt from the seventy-two (72) hour waiting period.
Applicants who successfully complete a state approved Together in Texas premarital course qualifies for waiver of the seventy-two (72) hour waiting period and waiver of the $60USD state marriage license fee. Visit the website to find an online state approved course.
Currently, two Galveston County judges are available to approve waiving of the seventy-two (72) hour waiting period.

NOTE: The waiver form is only available at the Main Office of the Galveston County Clerk’s Office. You must notify the deputy issuing your marriage license prior to starting the marriage license application process to properly obtain your marriage license with the waiver of the seventy-two (72) hour waiting period.

Blood Test

You do not need a blood test to marry in Galveston or the state of Texas.

Officiant Requirements

Marriages may be performed by:

  • Licensed or ordained Christian ministers or priests
  • Jewish Rabbis
  • Officers of a religious organizations authorized to perform marriage a marriage ceremony
  • Justice of the Peace, County Judge, District Judge, Municipal Judge and retired judges


  • Unless waived, applicants must be divorced for thirty (30) days.
  • Applicants may not be related in the following ways:
    • Ancestor or descendant, by blood or adoption
    • Brother or sister, of whole blood, half blood or by adoption
    • A parent’s brother or sister, of whole blood, half blood or by adoption
    • A son or daughter of a brother or sister, of whole blood, half blood or by adoption
    • A current or former stepchild or stepparent
    • A son or daughter of a parent’s brother or sister, of whole blood, half blood or by adoption

Filing and Return of Recorded Marriage License

The original marriage license must be returned to the County Clerk’s office where the marriage license was obtained. After the marriage is recorded, the original marriage certificate will be mailed to the applicants address as given. You may obtain a certified copy by mail or in person at any time.